Monday, October 17, 2005

RE: Illegal Excavations in Cyprus

I just don't understand some people. I've tried to post the announcement for the illegal excavations in Cyprus on some of the mailing lists and discussion groups that I'm member of, but the majority of the group owners denied to publish it. They said that they don't allow "politics" in their groups/lists.

Since when the issue of illegal excavations is just a "political" issue and not an academic one? Or is it only the issue of illegal excavations in Cyprus that we are not supposed to touch?

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samarkeolog said...


I'm doing a PhD on resolving conflicts over cultural heritage, concentrating on archaeologists' responsibilities in conflict zones, conducting my fieldwork in Cyprus and Turkey (and having conducted a preliminary survey in Kosova/Kosovo).

I'm surprised to hear that publicising the excavations(' illegality) has been difficult and that the excuse given was that it was political (my experience of information about the Iraq war and archaeology was that information was encouraged).

I'd be very interested to hear more about your perspectives and to have the opportunity to contact those who accepted or rejected your posts to listen to their reasonings.

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