Sunday, October 09, 2005

Illegal Excavations at the site of Galinoporni in Cyprus

The Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Cyprus reports that University of Tubingen and TU Bergakadenie Freiberg faculty members participate in illegal excavations at the site of Galinoporni in the northern part of Cyprus which is under Turkish occupation since 1974.

More specifically, Prof. Ernst Pernicka (Tubingen) and Dr. Martin Bartelheim (Freiberg) are actively engaged in the illegal excavation of the well-known site of Galinoporni in the occupied peninsula of Karpasia. Their project is funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

The above mentioned individuals and organisations are in direct breach of the International Conventions of UNESCO (1954, 1970 and 1972). According to the latter, it is illegal to conduct excavations or any other archaeological fieldwork in the occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

If you want to ensure that this violation of international law comes to an end, then contact the individuals and institutions involved and express your opposition to their actions. Their email addresses are:

Prof. Dr. Ernst Pernicka

Dr. Martin Bartelheim

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