Friday, September 21, 2007


The 12th INTERNATIONAL AEGEAN CONFERENCE will be held at the university of Melbourne, 25-29 March 2008

on the theme


The Aegean Feast

The context of feasting includes the use of courts and palaces, tombs, elite houses, extra-urban sanctuaries, and other special buildings that served as feasting centers, interpretations of feasting representations and feasting as metaphor in iconography as well as in Bronze Age texts, paraphernalia, and deposits - including floral, faunal and residue remains as well as pottery and discussions of consumption patterns. There is also interest in the symbolic, religious (such as sacrifice & warfare), economic (mobilizing resources), social (forming relationships or identity), ethnic identity (Aegean consumption practices abroad, such as Mycenaean IIIC1b feasting ware), and ideological aspects (legitimation of elite identities or promotion of community bonds) of feasting.

The Conference is being organized by the University of Melbourne and the University of Liège. The proceedings of the conference will be published in Aegaeum. Annales d'archéologie égéenne de l'Université de Liège .

Organizing Committee :

Louise HITCHCOCK (University of Melbourne)
Robert LAFFINEUR (Université de Liège)
Janice CROWLEY (Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens)

List of participants

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