Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ancient Roman Technology

Ancient Roman Technology is an electronic handbook of ancient Roman technology. It was created by, and is maintained by, students and faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to Roman technology, with various levels of information.

Clearly a must-see for those interested in ancient technology!

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Kym Houghton said...


i am following an interest of mine and wonder if you can help

over the last 5 years or so i have seen a number of TV DOCUMENTARiES ON ANCIEnT TECHNOLOGIES

THE ANTIKYRTHERA device was one and another was on the inventor who made water devices in temples and civic clocks.

Anorther doc was on an ancient roman facility which remains in southern france, i think, which used water running down a hill covered by the facility to produce something

can you direct me to any sites on this kind of thing?

Kym Houghton (Australia)