Thursday, August 10, 2006

New museum on Crete

A new archaeological museum opens in the area of Kissamos on September 3, 2006. The museum will exhibit artifacts that have been retrieved from excavations in the area which is part of the Chania prefecture. Most of the artifacts are said to date to the Roman period. The construction of this new museum costed 586,000 euros.


LeperColony said...

Archeology has always fascinated me. How did you get into it?

Ioannis Georganas said...

Well, as a Greek (and an Athenian in particular), I was raised in an environment full of antiquities. I still remember the first time I visited Acropolis and the Parthenon with my elementary school. I was speechless!

It was therefore only natural to start having dreams of being an archaeologist. Although it was only many years laters that I decided to follow this path.