Wednesday, July 26, 2006

War Criminals

I just can't understand how the "civilised" world allows Israel to continue its military action against Lebanon. Hundrends of innocent civilians have been killed and wounded and thousands have been forced to flee their country.


Where's the U.N. when you need it?


Dorothy King said...

They kept making incursions into Lebanon before this mess blew up, to incite Hezbollah ... but no press coverage of that ...

Justin said...

Why ?

Because Iran told them to. Syria also has a hand in this as they've been waiting to exact some revenge on Lebanon for kicking them out for quite a while now and they cant really stomach the financial advances that Lebanon has made in their absence.

Hetzbollah has absolutely no justification in hitting Israel and Israel had no reason to incite Hetzbollah.

Israel does not hold any Lebanese territory, unless you count the Shebaa farms which the UN recognises as Syrian anyway and only Hetzbollah thinks are Lebanese anyway.

The timing of this conflict is really curious as well. Just as Iran is facing increased pressure to come clean on its nuclear programme.

You should be a bit more careful when you throw such uninformed accusations of war crimes against israel.

Israel's policy in past few years has been that of strategic disentanglement. That is, pulling out of Lebanon and the occupying territories after erecting a wall that has been the ONLY measure that has worked against suicide attacks (aren't suicide attacks war crimes too ?).

If effect it has offered land for peace UNILATERALY. The problem is that there is no credible authority on the arab side to negotiate a peace deal.

For example Abbas could have but was marginalised after the palestinians chose to vote for the extremist Hamas. The Lebanese government is simply too weak to intervene and stop Hetzbollah.

Why is this conflict perpetuated ? Because a lot of Arab regional players have a vested interested in keeping the area in turmoil and thus guaranteeing their own power at the expense of their own people (e.g the late Arafat).

Where is the UN you ask ? The UN has been inefectual and corrupt. In military terms, it is completely unisuitable for a potential mission of disarming Hetzbollah or even taking on Israely troops if need be.

The only capable force is NATO's rapid reaction force with German, French and other European troups. They have the resources, manpower and firepower.

Would Greece be willing to participate and put your money where their mouth is for once ? I doubt it.

The reality is that once European troups are on the ground in Lebanon it will be seen as a carte blanche for all the Islamic nutjobs (of which Hetzbollah is a prime example) to strike in European capitals (including Athens).

The truth is that there is no easy solution here. If there was one, they would have found it by now. NOBODY wants to commit troups and pay the price for peace (certainly not Greece).

So next time you want to call somebody a war criminal, maybe you should do a bit of reading up first and be more measured and fair rather than just accusing and asking 'why ?' like a 5 year old. Go back to bloggin g about what you know.

Ioannis Georganas said...


First of all, thanks for your contribution. Although you could avoid inappropriate characterisations and comments like "asking 'why ?' like a 5 year old" and "Go back to bloggin g about what you know.", your opinions are respected....and so are my opinions.

I'm not saying that Hezbollah are not war criminals themselves. Targeting civilians is simply wrong. But I would expect a democratic government like that of Israel to be more careful when it comes to choosing "military" targets.

Moreover, I don't think I'm the only one condemning Israeli activities in Lebanon. It's simply wrong to attack a neutral country.